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Dazz Cam is the world’s most advanced Dazz Cam app and VHS app! Film grainy videos like it’s that summer of 1985 again where the only things that mattered were the brand of clothes you wore and fighting Communism.

Snap dramatic selfies and pretend you’re an 80s fitness model.

The world’s most accurate video haze and severe VHS tracking lines.

Dazz Cam Online is the ultimate tool for creating cutting-edge photo and video artistry. #45 Photo & Video app in 88 countries and the most inspiring and influential mobile editor in existence.

Play psychological games with friends where you trick them into believing that your videos were shot in the 80s.

Dazz Camera online application is clearly a great solution for all kinds of retro photos and videos with powerful and cutting-edge editing tools.

Are you feeling sneaky? Dazz Vintage Camera is the right choice with the beautiful old school albums, with which you can shoot whenever you want and nobody will ever know until you upload the photos. The Dazz app also includes a Bluetooth connection for selfie sticks with a remote. The user interface is in retro style, but it’s really easy to use.

Dazz Camera App Online

Brought to you by RETRO VHS INC, makers of the Haunted VHS – Retro Paranormal Ghost Camcorder.

In order to provide the best results, Dazz Cam APK has been designed with technological photo editing retro and VHS features.

Download Dazz Cam APK

Dazz Cam Apk download

  1. You can easily download the latest APK file from apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader/.
  2. Open the website and copy and paste the URL from google play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.venninteractive.vhs)
  3. Click on generate and download the latest Dazz Cam APK for Android.